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Discussion in 'questions. answers. conversations.' started by Capt Curt, Jun 18, 2017.

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    I am getting married mid-July and taking the honeymoon in Oct to Tanzania. Although I fly many times a year domestically, my fiance has traveled to all seven (or now eight lol?) continents. I do track and keep whatever miles I accrue but the miles I have are quite pitiful and do not yet give me status. I recently learned UA has changed our departing flight. Instead of leaving DEN to IAD at 1159m for nice redeye, we are now leaving at 5:50pm and arriving at IAD at 11pm! Instead of having a several hour layover where we stay in the airport, we now have over 11hr layover!
    Old Res:
    Oct 15th: DEN - IAD 1159pm- 530 am (UA)
    Oct 16th: IAD - JRO 11am- 715am+1 (ET)
    New Res:
    Oct 15th: DEN - IAD 550pm- 11:13pm (UA)
    ET flight same

    My question:
    What would you recommend we do with our time in IAD now? I was originally planning on purchasing a lounge pass through LoungeBuddy and trying out Lufthansa's business lounge for the five-ish hours we originally had. Now I am not sure if should get an airport hotel for a few hours and arrive at the airport right on time? Or wait airside several hours, find some bench seats or chairs to try and sleep on until a purchasable lounge opens? I don't like the thought of leaving the airport, paying for a full night but only staying for a few hours. But I also don't like the thought of trying to sleep in an airport where I don't even know if there are decent spots for sleeping. If it was daytime with good chances of watching flight operations, I could handle and enjoy that. (Have purposely arrived at DEN 8+ hours early before just to enjoy the show) Long winded question, but am wondering what Lucky's and other thoughts are.